ICT4Africa 2014 – Yaounde Cameroon

ICT4Africa 2014 – Yaounde Cameroon
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1 The influence of perceptions on IT Skills Development of Accounting and Finance students in a South African University by Michael Kyobe and Ernie Dudley Download PDF
2 Enhancing the Learning Process through E-Transparency by Edison Lubua and Manoj Maharaj Download PDF
3 Modèle d’appropriation des Systèmes d’Information pour la Gestion de l’Education (SIGE) dans les systèmes éducatifs dans les pays en développement by Timene Temo Paul, Marcel Fouda Ndjodo and Zobo Erick Patrick Download PDF
4 An Investigation on Physician Acceptance and Use of Mobile Phones for Maternal Healthcare: A Task Technology Fit Perspective by Byomire Gorretti, Fatuma Namisango, Miiro Maria and Mayoka Kituyi Download PDF
5 Towards a strategy for ICT integration in the tourism sector in Zimbabwe by Theo Tsokota, Rossouw von Solms and Darelle  van Greunen Download PDF
6 ICT Infrastructure and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria: An Impact Assessment of Microfinance Banks by Mahmoud Umar and Usman Bappi Download PDF
7 Adoption of the Software Capability Maturity Model by Small and Medium Enterprises by Christine Amulen, Mayoka G. Kituyi, Irene Mbarika, Lukman Balunywa, Victor W. Mbarika and Edward Kabaale Download PDF
8 Understanding Technologies for e-Assessment: A Systematic Review Approach by Osang, Francis Bukie Download PDF
9 Towards an Improved Reading Habit of University Students: The Impact of ICT by Samali V. Mlay, Humphrey Sabi, Clive K. Tsuma, Kehbuma Langmia, Victor W.A. Mbarika and Mayoka Kituyi Download PDF
10 The level of Physics Teachers’ Readiness on the Use of e-learning in Teaching at Tertiary Institution in Adamawa State, Nigeria by Abubakar Ishiyaku Mbela Download PDF
11 Use of Western designed software packages in developing countries: Implications for their effectiveness in a different Context by Humphrey M. Sabi, Samali V. Mlay,Henry N. Bang and Clive K. Tsuma Download PDF
12 A review of Information Systems Usage and Performance Models by Francis Bukie Osang, Abinwi, C. Nchise and Clive M. Tsuma Download PDF
13 Requirements Engineering and Process Improvement in Small Software Companies by Edward Kabaale and Geoffrsey Mayoka Kituyi Download PDF
14 Issues in Managing Indigenous Knowledge Using ICT by Osadebe, Ngozi E.,Okoye, Micheal O., Chigbu, Emmanuel .D., and Ewa, Beatrice O. Download PDF
15 ICT tools and Indigenous Knowledge Management in Nigeria by Okoye, Micheal O., Osadebe, Ngozi E., Chigbu, Eammanuel D and Ewa, Beatrice O. Download PDF
16 African Linguistics, Language Documentation and the Prospect of Digital Grammars by Emmanuel Ngué Um Download PDF
17 Enterprise Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing Environment -The African Case. by Okwor Anthony Nwachukwu Download PDF
18 A simple to complex approach to integrating technology in teaching by Yakmut, Daniel Inusa and Odu, Alice Olije Download PDF
19 Defining and Measuring the Digital Vitality of African Indigenous Languages by Seraphin Desire Eyono Obono Download PDF
20 Innovation, TIC et performance des PME en Afrique Subsaharienne Francophone : Cas du Cameroun by TSAMBOU André Dumas and NDOKANG ESONE Ludwick 1er Download PDF
21 Towards a Framework to guide the Migration to CoBIT 5-IT Governance Framework by Sikhulile Ndlovu and Kyobe Michael Download PDF
22 Prospects and Challenges of E-Learning with Nigerian Universities by Joy O. Okah Edemoh and Peter M. Ogedebe Download PDF
23 The Design and Implementation of a Cloud-Based Application Demonstrating the Use of Sticky Policies and Encryption to Enforce Users’ Privacy and Access Constraints by Peter M. Ogedebe and A.H. Alaku Download PDF
24 Investigating the role of the law enforcement in combating mobile bullying in South African high schools by Sive Mtshazi and Michael Kyobe Download PDF
25 A review of Literature on the adoption of ICT by and impact of ICT on women by Deborah O. Ajumobi Download PDF
26 Open source Building Information Modelling for developing countries by F.H Abanda and J. H. M. Tah
Download PDF
1 Towards ICT Sustainability: The Role of Project Management Education and ICT Policies by Samali Violet Mlay Download PDF
2 Modelling Immersive Collaborative Platforms for Distant Synchronous Learning by Harry Winner KAMDEM-FEZEU and Georges Edouard KOUAMOU Download PDF
3 Former à distance les enseignants en contexte de fracture numérique. Quel modèle? Quelles  approches ? Quels outils? by Lamago Merlin Ferdinand and Directeur de recherche Philippe Girard Download PDF
4 Opportunities and Challenges for Adopting Cloud Computing at Universities in Developing countries by Humphrey M. Sabi Download PDF
5 Regulatory Influence for Africa in Cyberspace through Regional Integration: A possibility by Manyi Orok-Tambe Download PDF
6 A Cloud Computing Model for E-learning Systems in Nigerian Universities by Temitope Oluwaseyi Olokunde Download PDF
7 Towards a framework for the adoption of Social Media in Health in Sub-Saharan Africa by Mayoka G. Kituyi, Kehbuma Langmia, Musa Moya, Clive Tsuma andVictor Mbarika Download PDF

Formation En Alternance Et Professionnalisation Des      Enseignements En Afrique Francophone : Enjeux – Defis Et Perspectives by Par Nang Song  Jean

Download PDF
9 Harnessing Cloud Computing for Global Competitiveness by Felix Njeh, Bo Yang and Unice Gwe Download PDF
10 ICT Integration to enhance the Education of Indigenous Populations: A study of Bagyeli Pygmies of the Republic of Cameroon by Sikali Annie Laurence Download PDF



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